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Maximum Depth: 12m

A beautiful cove on the Akrotiri Peninsula. Giant stride entry from the Aquatic Centre boat, into the picturesque clear blue waters, explore the rocky formations and see the submerged tunnel, glide along the cliff face before circling over a rocky reef bottom. Lots of octopus to be seen on this dive.


Maximum Depth: 9m

See the helicopter, cannon, fire engine and feed the many fish. Akrotiri is a good dive site for all levels of divers.


Maximum Depth: 23m

A great multi-level site with many caves, overhangs and very large boulders some more than 12 metres high. Grouper, moray eels, octopus and large shoals of damselfish are found here.


Maximum Depth: 12m

Close to the shore there is a series of apparently man made caves which resemble ancient tombs. Very scenic site with lots of various marine life.


Maximum Depth: 21m

A large archway with four pinnacles situated on every major compass point. An abundance of marine life to be found all over the area. A good Navigation Site.


Maximum Depth: 18m

Large boulders grouped together to form a pyramid, in the marine reserve area of Amathus, attracting lots of marine life, look out for the large octopus on this dive.


Maximum Depth: 10m

A very nice easy, but interesting site for beginners diving from the boat. Swim across the posidonia grass and find the various objects home to octopus, also see nudibranch, damselfish and the odd moray eel.


Sunk 22nd February 2014 in the marine reserve area of Dasoudi bay, as part of a scheme to promote diving in Cyprus. The wrecks are 200 meters apart and although too far to visit them both on one dive, early in 2015 will see the constructing of a natural reef linking the two. A main large pyramid structure providing shelter to more and more marine life, with various other structures to make many interesting dive routes and hence make Limassol a very popular dive destination.

The wrecks have already attracted lots of marine life with Seabream, Octopus and large Groupers to be seen.
We kit up at the dive centre and make our way down to the boat, the Aquatic Centre is a purpose built 12 meter vessel, offering space and comfort for your trip. We are running trips to the wrecks all year round, with winter trips being made on our 7 meter rib. The wrecks are a 2 minute boat ride away from our centre and so usually we return to the centre for the surface interval for refreshments and to change tanks.


Depth: 18 meters
Length: 30 meters
Breadth: 8 meters

Lady Thetis previously named “Reiher”. She was a coastal passenger vessel built in Hamburg, Germany in 1953 and registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1990.


Depth: 23 meters
Length: 23 meters
Breadth: 6.8 meters

Costandis a fishing vessel that operated as a bottom trawler, built in USSR in 1989. Its Russian name was “Zolotets” . It was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1997 and operated in international waters in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a short period of time. The open engine room is very easy to penetrate.